Standard Finance has created and uses a special long-term programme for improving member and client service, within the framework of which we offer you an opportunity to express your views on the work of Standard Finance and its subsidiaries, on the quality of the provided services, as well as to make proposals for improving activities of the Standard Finance and its subsidiaries. We are ready to look into the matter and provide clarification on a case-by-case basis.

Standard Finance ask after following information:

  • first name, surname (for natural persons)
  • company name (for legal entities)
  • details of your account (the account number or Capital Club ID)
  • the essence of your suggestion or complaint and your wishes
  • documents confirming your submission (if necessary)
  • convenient way for you to receive a reply
  • Your contact information (phone number, e-mail address) in case your application is submitted beyond the remote service system
  • a written submission must be personally signed and dated.

Procedure of considering an issue

Specialists from Standard Finance register a submission, check the provided facts and documents, and make a decision on the actions required to address the submission, adhering to the principle of independence and objectivity of assessment. You will be provided a reply regarding the decision from Standard Finance. If in the course of considering the submission, the information provided by the Client turns out to be insufficient, Standard Finance may request additional information/documents/explanations.

How long does it take to consider an issue?

We will try to consider your submission as quickly as possible. Please note that anonymous complaints are not considered by Standard Finance. If a reply provided by Standard Finance and the proposed solution do not satisfy the requirement set forth in your submission, and also if you are interested in an independent investigation, you may contact the following independent institutions:

  • xx
  • xx

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